Hi my name is Ashley. I am 20 and live in British Columbia, Canada, I also have an unhealthy appetite for cosmetics, and this blog proves it.

I've always been creative and never used make up as a creative outlet until a few years ago when I fell in love with cosmetics. I realized a face was my canvas and it all started from there.

I live with my wonderful fiancée, Jeff and our adorable Miniture Daschund, Josie who has more energy than we know what to do with.

I love to travel, even though I don't get to as much as I'd like. I'm very passionate about photography, drawing, graphic design, cars and cosmetics - duh. Even though I'm not the greatest cook, I love to try out new recipes and I will never say no to baking.

I'm also very undecided what I want to do in the future for a career. I have so many options that I want to pursue, and they aren't related to each other. I'll keep you updated on that later though!

Myself when I was younger // Our 2 year old, Josie - with her one ear that never stays forward, haha

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