Stila In The Light - Look Three

For the last look of the three I'm doing for the Stila In The Light Palette, this one is the darkest. I worked with the right hand side of the palette, which is the more intense side. The deeper side has everything you need. A matte black, brown and a taupe blending shade. There is also a shimmery chocolate brown, a burnt brown, charcoal and metallic blue that help to create dimension in the eye makeup. I love deeper makeup but I don't always wear it, so I like to save them for bold days or evenings.

I started off by applying Sunset, a burnt brown that adds a lot of warmth to the eyes. To add a little bit of matte warmth to the eyes, I blended out Sunset with some Bliss. To add darkness to the outer corner I used a mixture of the dark matte brown (Sandstone) and matte black (Ebony) lightly adding more until I was happy. To darken the lashes and add even more of a sultry look I used some of the dark brown Smudge Stick in Damsel.

A little mascara, foundation and gloss and your ready for a night out!

Check out Look One and Look Two!


What's In My Bag?

With beauty, I can hardly restrain myself, but when it comes to handbags, it's usually only one or two I carry around. I like to have a 'purse' and an 'event bag.' The event bag holds all the essentials for when I'm headed out for the day with the family. The event bag will come later, but today I thought I'd show you what I lug around in my purse. The purse is by a brand called The Pink House which is created in Toronto, Canada, my wallet is by Liebeskin Berlin, and my makeup bag is by Quo. With summer just around the corner I wanted everything to be quite bright and fun. Enough about the equipment and on to what is inside.

1. Keys

2. Sunglasses and Case. I customized a boring old sunglass case with some nail polish, to house my Mac & Jac Sunglasses.

3. I like to carry some sort of water flavouring. I really dislike the taste of water, so I like to add something to it. Right now I'm carrying around a Mio in Fruit Punch.

4. I always have my iPhone with me, as I'm a little addicted to Instagram (@ashleybbug) and twitter (@blushbugblog)

5. Headphones are a must as I always catch myself waiting somewhere and wanting to listen to something on my phone wither it be music or a video. I love the cord holder I found at Chapters for a couple dollars.

6. Makeup Bag, contents listed below.

7. Somehow a pen is always needed when I don't have one, so I like to keep them on hand. My favourite are the Sharpie Pens.

8. There must be someone else who 'accidentally' throws change in their purse, right?

9. Gum, because no one likes bad breath.

10. Wallet.
Now that we are getting back into beauty products, I should admit that I really don't carry much around with me, and I rarely grab these products, but I make sure they are there for the times I need them. 

1. Everyone always seems to ask if I have a spare bobby pin of hair tie, so I keep them on hand for that, or if my hair becomes uncooperative. 

2. If I ever need a lip gloss, I always reach for the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 02

3. In case a headache or cramps arise, I keep Tylenol around to get me through a day.

4. Lip Balms are one thing I do find myself reaching for more often than others, one of the two I carry is the Vaseline Lip Therapy.

5. A mini Dove Deodorant is a must for me. Sometimes I find by the end of the day I worry I need to freshen up, but I also like to keep in in case of forgetfulness or unexpected times when you don't make it home.

6. This normally is situated in my bathroom, but I have been loving this Yves Saint Laurent Sheer Candy #10 in Tangy Tangerine.

7. A hand cream that I don't really like is the EOS Hand Cream, but I can't bare to throw it up, so I keep it just in case.

8. My makeup last quite well throughout the day, but I find my dark circles always come back, so if I'm having an extra long day, I like to refresh the area by using my Maybelline Age Rewind Undereye Concealer.

9. I have been struggling for quite some time to keep my cuticles in good shape, so I keep a cuticle oil with me to use if I remember while I'm waiting at appointments.

10. I love Travelos. I give these as gifts all the time because of how much I love them. They hold about 60 squirts of perfume, and are refillable.


Weekly Dose #9

Standout Products: I hope I haven't bored you with all of the foundation bases I fall in love with each week, but I have another one for you. I have been wanting to keep my skin very natural and glowy, and found an amazing combination. I start off with Stila Tinted Moisterizer and add a bit of bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation, I wear shade C10, over top to add a bit more coverage and add the glow that I was wanting.

Disappointing Product: Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer. I wasn't as happy with the lotion version as I was the gel-cream. Although this is lighter, it doesn't sink into the skin as fast leaving it more greasy. Luckily I think I've decided on my next moisturizer. That's for next week.

Best Read: Although summer pretty much here, because we don't have spring, I've been craving more cream blushes. Although I probably won't pick up any new ones soon, I loved the post that Meg put together of Spring Cream Blushes. I have 2 of the 5, but the other 3 are definitely up my alley.

Latest Buys: Clarisonic, Stila Clean On Me, Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya & Pink Lemonade, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, Revlon Lash Potion Mascara.

Wish List Addition: Hourglass recently released their N°28 Lip Treatment Oil, and now after seeing all of the reviews, I feel like the $50 price tag just might be worth it? 


Stila In The Light Palette - Look Two

Continuing on with the Stila In The Light Palette looks, I have another makeup look for you. The last one was on the light side, this time I worked with the middle of the palette to create a golden defined eye.

I started off with Stila's cult eyeshadow, Kitten, and applied it all over the lid. 'Kitten' is one of my all time favourite shades, it is incredibly shimmery, but I love how it can brighten the entire eye. To add definition I chose 'Gilded Gold' a medium brown with golden shimmer, which ties in really well with the 'Kitten' shade. After blending that into the crease, I took a small amount of 'Luster' a charcoal grey to deepen the crease even more. To define the lashes and finish everything off, I used the Smudge Stick in Damsel that came in the palette, and created a thicker line along the lashes.

Here is Look One, and Look Three will be coming up soon.

What do you think of the palette so far, do you like this look?


The 60 Second Nail

Recently, I spotted the Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail polishes. Now, whether or not they are new to Canada, they are new the the isles that I shop. Sadly, I could draw a blue print of what it looks like, and probably know exactly where every Essie nail polish is. Lets forget I admitted that.

I picked up 4 shades, Blue Eyed Girl (231), I Lilac You (410), Hot Chilli Pepper (120) and Mintilicious (210), all of which I love. I've been testing them for the past week or so and putting them to the 60 second test. I discovered that pretty much every shade I bought, was either identical or very close to an Essie shade I had already owned. Typical me. Well, do the 60 Second Polishes hold up on their own, and to the similar Essie shades? Here's the details...

Please note that Essie nail polishes are regularly priced $10.99 and Rimmel 60 Seconds regularly priced at $4.99. I found these four on sale and only payed $2.29 each. 

One of my favourites, Blue Eyed Girl (231), is a shade I'll be wearing year round as I love royal blues through winter and summer. If this shade looks recognizable to you, it's because it is the exact same shade as Essie's Mezmerised. This particular shade was the best preforming out of the bunch as they aren't all the same consistency. Blue Eyed Girl was opaque and completely dry after only one coat. Heavenly. Mezmerised was also opaque after one coat, but it was tacky after 60 seconds.
Verdict: Save your change and pick up Blue Eyed Girl. 

Another one of the shades I really loved was I Lilac You (410). I really love light pastel purples for summer, and it closely resembled Essie Lilacism, or at least I think so. In artificial light, they look extremely close, but moving into natural light, I Lilac You becomes much more of a purple undertone, where Lilacism looks more blue in comparison. They both preformed quite well. They went on smoothly and while I Lilac You was dry to the touch in 60 seconds, Lilacism was just a little tacky.
Verdict: Unless you are really eager to have blue undertones, try your hand at I Lilac You.

I'm not normally a red person. I like them but I just don't seem to gravitate to them too much. However, on a whim I decided to pick up Hot Chilli Pepper (120) a subtle red-orange shade that leans slightly in the coral direction. It compared to Essie Meet Me At Sunset, which is a brighter red-orange. Like I Lilac You, both of the shades looked similar in artificial light, but natural light showed their true colours. The similarities end there. The performance of each nail polish changes everything. Both of the shades went on smoothly, but where Hot Chilli Pepper was dry to the touch in 60 seconds, Meet Me At Sunset didn't even seem like it was starting to dry.
Verdict: If you aren't patient, then grab Hot Chilli Pepper. If your okay with the dry time, then it depends on if you are in the market for a subtle red, or a bright and bold red.

Finally, there is Mintilicious, which I had the most hopes for, and it almost lived up to those hopes. The colour was perfect. It was similar to Essie Turquoise & Caicos but gravitating towards Essie Mint Candy Apple in terms of undertones. Mintilicious was more of a darker version of Mint Candy Apple, where Turquiose & Caicos had more green to it. Everything was perfect until application. It was thick, gooey and for the life of me I could not get it to go on smoothly, even after five tries. A thin uneven layer was dry to the touch if anyone is still interested in the shade. 
Verdict: Spend a little more and go for the Essie shades, Turquoise & Caicos and/or Mint Candy Apple.

I love Essie polishes, but there are so many good duplicates for shades that cost much less, do you know of any good comparisons? Let me know!


Weekly Dose #8

Standout Product: I haven't been able to stop myself from buying nail polishes lately. One that I recently came across is Clinique A Different Nail Enamel in Concrete Jungle. Such a pretty light nude, as most nudes are too dark for me. I also love that this one has a slightly purple tint to it.

Disappointing Product: I have been a little low on makeup storage these days, and have been trying to figure out a way to create more storage in my cramped bathroom. I feel like the only solution is for the Ikea Alex 9 drawer, to be a 10-12 drawer unit. 

Best Read: Aleeza who writes one of my favourite blogs, Stylish & Literate, wrote a post about her FOTD: รก la gatsby, which is so pretty! Can we just talk about how amazing her bare skin is? So jealous. Now I'm just wanting to watch The Great Gatsby and wear Mac Riri Woo.

Latest Buys: Clinique A Different Nail Enamel in Concrete Jungle, Black Honey, and Happy ♥ // Sally Hansen Pacific Blue // Shiseido Cotton Pads // Essie Sleek Stick in Embrase The Lace, Over The Moon, Glam It On, and Oh My Gold! // Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioa Eau Fraiche

Wish List Addition: I have been browsing the Stila Convertible Colors and I'm having a hard time not purchasing more. Either Lillium or Petunia will be next.


Stila In The Light Palette - Look One

If you guys remember my post about the my Stila makeup collection, you might remember how much I love their products. One of my all time favourite purchases are palettes, and the Stila In The Light Palette is one of my all time favourite ones. It competes along side the Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palette for best neutral palette. I honestly don't think I could decide which one I love the most as all three are at the top of the podium for shades, quality and price range. Lets talk about the In The Light Palette for right now.

Inside you get 10 amazing quality eye shadows, I'm talking excellent pigmentation and very blendable. These are also a really good size, roughly 1/3 of a full size Stila Single Eyeshadow. All 10 shades are completely wearable, and range from neutral to dark. Also included is a full size Smudge Stick (Damsel), which I think makes this an amazing value.

I have been loving a few eyeshadow combinations I've done recently with this palette, so I thought I'd share and show you how versatile and wearable this palette is.

The first look is one I often do when I don't want to look like I'm wearing a lot of makeup. It is very natural and subtle. I applied the shade 'Bubbly' all over the lid and into the inner corner. To define the crease I love 'Bliss' which is a warm medium brown. Because it looked a little too harsh for this look, I took some of the lightest shade 'Bare' above the crease to blend it out, and into the brow bone to slightly highlight it. With the of the amount of shimmer I used all over the lid, I didn't want a shimmering brow bone highlight as well, so I love that 'Bare' is a matte shade. 

To add the subtlest of definition into the lash line, I took some of the Smudge Stick in Damsel that comes in the palette, and while barely touching the skin made a very light line on the outer third of the eye.

With a little mascara you're finished!

What do you think of barely there eyeshadow looks? Needed, or unnecessary?

Look 2 and 3 will be coming up soon!


Daily Dose #1

Recently I re-discovered my Mac palette. While I do love Mac eyeshadows, I rarely use them. Part of it I feel is because the eyeshadows are tucked away in an not so easy to reach drawer. I was really wanting to wear Vex, one of my favourite Mac eyeshadows, so I worked the rest of my makeup around it. After adding it all over the base of my lid, I added a bit of definition with Mac Cork. To brighten up the inner corner as per usual, I decided upon Phloof!

To even out my skin I reached for my rarely used Clarins Ever Matte, I love everything about the foundation, except their lightest colour is too dark; hence why my hair is down. I skipped out on colour in the face, and focused on my brows. I tend to lack the arch I've always wanted, so I fake it by filling in with Anastasia Brow Powder Duo.

A swipe of a favourite mascara, Benefit They're Real, defines the eyes, and a layer of Mac Angel lipstick brought everything together. 

Simple, unique and easy makeup, my favourite.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion // Mac Vex Eyeshadow // Mac Cork Eyeshadow // Mac Phloof! Eyeshadow // Benefit They're Real Mascara // Rimmel ScandalEYES Eyeliner in Nude // Clarins Ever Matte 104 Cream // Anastasia Brow Powder in Ebony // Mac Angel Lipstick


Weekly Dose #7

Standout Product: This has to go to Essie First Timer from the 2013 Resort Collection. The bright green, with a hint of blue, is perfect for summer. It's been on my nails for the past 5 days and there are barely any chips. My job is not so nice on nails, so I was quite happy. It also received a lot of compliments! It's always nice to be able to talk about nail polish instead of the weather with your customers.

Disappointing Product: I wouldn't say there is one product that is disappointing, but just my overall skincare. I'm in a bit of a rut, my skin isn't doing great and I feel like I'm just missing something. Hopefully the Clarisonic that's on its way will help, before I get too big of an urge to change everything.

Best Read: I loved gh0stparties post about her Pre-Sleep Winding Down Pamper. I think I felt more relaxed just with her descriptions of each product. The Kiehls Lavender Foaming Relaxing Bath sounds like heaven. I think after I'm finished with writing this post, I'll head for a not so appealing bath compared to Kate's.

Latest Buys: Thankfully, I got my hands on a Bioderma. Any longer, and it could have been a catastrophe. I also picked up a few familiar shades from the Rimmel 60 Second line, but more on that later. To add to the nail polish purchases, I also grabbed the shade Fashionista from Revlon that I've had my eye on for awhile.

Wish List Addition: Since I haven't been so happy with my skin care, I've been looking at the new Stila Skin Care range. Pretty much every product calls my name. It's practically organic, and it smells like peppermint. While the scent may not be for all, it's definitely for me! 


Hair Care Rotation

I rarely talk about hair on BB, but I have been so happy with my hair lately and the fool proof soft curls I've been wearing almost everyday that I choose to use heat. It's not advanced at all, nor anything new, but I thought I'd share what I've been doing and using to upkeep my hair! Here's what has been in the rotation...

I really try and take care of my hair, and it treats me nice for the most part because of it. I try to only wash my hair every two to three days, and because of that it doesn't get as oily. On the days that my hair does get on the oily side before the scheduled wash day, I turn to my favourite dry shampoo, Fekkai Au Natural Dry Shampoo. It's in a non-aerosol bottle, which I LOVE, and doesn't even show on my brunette hair. 

However I do find that with less shampooing my ends get a little dry, for that I use two products. The first I use roughly every third time I wash my hair, which is a Deep Rescue Mask by Macadamia to help keep my hair hydrated. The second thing I use is Coconut Oil. I use on from The Body Shop which I just use because its convenient and it has small amounts of shimmer in it, but you can also by it much cheaper. The coconut oil helps keep my ends together, give shine and also hydrate the hair,

I usually don't like to use heat on my hair, to keep it healthy but also because I hardly find time in the morning to do it. When I do have longer to get ready in the morning I like to use 1 1/4 inch curling iron, and then brush it out with a boar bristled brush and you get the most soft natural looking waves. I've been obsessed with them!

What are your favourite hair care products?

Stylist Boar Bristled Brush // Revlon 1 1/4 Curling Iron // Coconut Oil from the Body Shop // Fekkai Au Natural Dry Shampoo


Weekly Dose #6

Standout Products: It seems to be a regular occurrence that a foundation slips into this spot every week. What can I say, I'm a little addicted to them and am always on the search for the best. This week it has been my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation. I have to say at first I really was not a fan of this, and it does have its flaw of colour variation. Since the sun has come out my skin has gone slightly more pink, which allows BR10 to match me. The other flaw others might find is that it is very fragrant, but my skin luckily doesn't react to it. Other than the two flaws I've found, it give you the most amazing second skin finish, with the amount of coverage that I like during the warmer months.

For another base product, I've been loving my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Light. This is a year round staple for me to keep my oil at bay, but I've been using it every day this week as I've been wanting the not so glowy look, but more or a satin.

Disappointing Product: Bioderma, I love you, but please get yourself back in stock before I have to replace you with something for a few months, I can't wait forever!

Best Read: This week Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup posted a video of her day in the life incorporating the This Works: In Transit. I loved seeing this new type of video from Anna. She is one of the people who's site I go to when I want to find something new without the risk of buying bad products. I have not tried any of the This Works' products yet, mainly as they are based across the pond, but hopefully I'll get my hands on them soon.

Latest Buys: Nothing to report this week beauty wise, but I did pick up two new scarves from SmartSet, a Canadian clothing store. I'm in love with light and airy scarves for summer.

Wish List Addition: I've been feeling a little pale lately, while I do love my porcelain skin, sometimes I'd like to change it up and have a tan. So in the wish list basket goes the Josie Maran Argan Self-Tanning Body Wash and some Clairins Tanners. Both enabled by Anna!


Nude & Gold

There is something so delicate but edgy about nude nails with a little gold stud. I have been obsessed with these. I've seen quite a few of these types of nail art popping up the last month or so, but I couldn't resist doing it my self.  Dare I say this be my favourite nail look? I paired these nails with matching eyes; nude lid and gold eyeliner.

For nails I painted three coats of OPI Bubble Bath. I wanted the nails to look sheer but not to sheer, and defiantly not opaque. Did that even make sense? Before I let the nails dry, I picked up a small gold stud, and placed it on each nail. It is much easier than it sounds, promise! I then took a generous amount of Seche Vite Top Coat to secure them. Instead of little studs, you could also use nail polish to create the dot. Although, since the little studs aren't even $3, I'd recommend getting them for cuter nail.

I went a little matchy-matchy with my makeup. The rest of my face is pretty simple, a little foundation and lip balm. The eyes were really easy, but I thought it added a fun touch. Firstly I needed to use something to take away the redness and veins from my eyelids. I saved some time using Mac Painterly Paint Pot to prime the eyes and neutralize them. I then used some gold eyeshadow with and angled brush and creates a slight cat eye. Adding a bit of my favourite defining mascara, Lancome Definicils, tied everything together.

Now I just need to get all sorts of small dainty studs to keep my obsession fed. Intervention please?

Lancome Definicils // OPI Bubble Bath // Essence Nail Art Decoration Kit // Smashbox 24K Eyeshadow (discontinued) // Seche Vite Top Coat // Mac Painterly Paint Pot


Stila Cloud

A couple weeks ago I was browsing Stila and began swatting their eye shadows. I have quite a few of their shades already but I was looking for a new neutral. I religiously use the shade Kitten, a shimmering champagne. While swatching I found Cloud. Dare I say it's my favourite Stila Eyeshadow?  I'd also say its in the Top 5 of most used as well. I have been using this so much the last few weeks that I've owned it. It works as a base for other colours, but it also works well when used on its own. 

The shade is very unique! It's has a silver base, but it's not a normal silver. It is a mixture between silver, purple and blue. I mostly see a silver-purple with a hint of blue, but in different lights it changes. Since these are able to be used wet, it takes the shade to a whole different level!

As like every other Stila eyeshadow, the texture is impeccable. If you haven't tried one of their eye shadows before, let me try to explain; soft, buttery, blend able and very pigmented. Simply perfection.

I think you guys get the hint by now, but if you missed it, please, go swatch it. You can thank me later!