Nails Inc Sprinkles

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Nails Inc. recently came to select Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique, which makes it much more accessible, so I couldn't help myself but to buy more than I probably should have. Three of the nail polishes I walked away with were from the Special Effects 'Sprinkles' Collection. Whether it be an accent nail or a full manicure, these are definitely going to be getting some use!

All three polishes are very similar in consistency. They are sheer but are able to become opaque in two coats. The sheerness of the formula allows all of the 'sprinkles' to show through! I personally love when the glitter has a little 'milky-ness' over top, if that even remotely makes sense. 

Nails Inc keeps coming out with the most innovative nail polishes it's hard to keep up with them all. Whether or not you like the look of the sprinkle nail polishes, there is definitely something they have for you if you like a bit of fun on you nails! If you like the look of the sprinkle nail polishes you can also get a more affordable option from a few other brands. The nail polishes that look the most similar to the Nails Inc. shades are the offerings from Maybelline!

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