Weekly Dose #22

Standout Product: Last week I picked up the new Lancome Gloss In Love's, and if you haven't read my post about them, I am in love with them! The post is here if you want to know more about them or the shades I picked up!

Disappointing Products: Speaking of posts, I talked about how I was a bit disapointed with the shades Nars put in there newest palette, Fairy's Kiss. 

Best Read: I've still been loving a lot of matte makeup, and Estee who writes at essiebutton's about her matte face, has fueled my want to grab a few extra shimmer-free products.

Recent Purchases: Nails Inc. nail polishes in Topping Lane, Pudding Lane, Cherry Road, Kensington Palace Gardens, St. James Park and Haymarket. Nails Inc. nail polishes in Eternal Optimist, Mod Square, Full Steam Ahead, Carry On, The Girls Are Out, Chinchilly and Midnight Cami.

Wish List Additions: After I went on vacation, I had a big list of everything I wanted to grab, but realized I ended up forgetting the Dior Nude BB Cream and the BB Eye Cream, Hopefully I'll grab them soon! 

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