Lancome Gloss In Love

Lancome Gloss in Love in #391, #146, #341
Sometimes a product comes along that you can't help but tell everyone about. This is definitely one of those products. Some of you may already know that I am not a lip gloss person, but there are a few glosses that I do love. For most people, the Clarins Instant Light Lip Glosses are on a pedestal, or at least they used to be...

Lancome has recently come out with there new Gloss In Love's, and oh my, am I in love! They have the most amazing formula, if you are familiar with the Clarins glosses, they are very similar, but have much more pigmentation. They are slippery one the lips, almost like silicone, but there is no sign of stickiness anywhere. 

The longevity is really nice. They stay on the lips for about three hours, and start to wear off after that. Even after 5 hours I can still feel them on my lips, but the high gloss has worn off as well as most of the color. 
Lancome Gloss in Love in #391, #146, #341
Lancome Gloss In Love in #391
Another feature that is very impressive for these lip glosses is the wand. To 'eject' the wand, you press the square on the tube of the lip gloss, and it pops up. You can also just pull the wand if you don't like useless fantastic features like that. The wand is concave to fit perfectly to the shape of your bottom lip, while applying the perfect amount of lip gloss. The top, convex, side works to apply the product easily to the top lip, and it does exactly that. I really hope that more brands take note of this bad boy.
What shade is your favourite?

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