Essence Nude Glam

Essence Nude Glam - $1.49
03 Cotton Candy | 08 Peaches & Cream | 02 Iced Strawberry Cream | 05 Cafe Ole

Essence is a brand that I've come to know pretty well the last year. Not only do they have amazing quality in almost all of there products, but there motto is 'Nothing Costs More Than $4.99.' 

I've tried quite a few of there products; eyeshadows, blushes, mascara - which I do not recommend, and  lastly their nail polish. The nail polish from the brand is by far my favourite they make, they all have great pigmintation and leave you with a beautiful shine. I don't feel that any of the quality is compromised because of the price. The application of all three were very similar, with the exception of Cotton Candy, which was a little on the streaky side. Luckily, when Cotton Candy dried, it left no trace of streaks.

03 Cotton Candy: a sheer lightened pink (cream) 
08 Peaches & Cream: a light peach (shimmer)
02 Iced Strawberry Cream: a warm medium pink (metallic)
05 Cafe Ole: a lightened taupe (subtle shimmer)

I've been loving all of the colours, and being so light, I am very pleased that a lot of the shades are lightened. I feel that if you are darker, they aren't necessarily going to give off a 'nude' effect. The only shade you won't find me wearing is Iced Strawberry Cream, as I find it more of a 'Grandma' shade, and that might be some peoples thing, but it is not mine. 

Nudes aren't always the type I reach for, but I'll never say no to adding more. Since these are so cheap, I don't mind getting a few misses, since the hits are fantastic! 

Are there any shades that you really like? Let me know! 

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