NOTD: A Fall Time Glitter

I was reading Amy's (The Pretty Vain) blog, and she was showing some fancy fall mani's. A lot of them were using Essies Luxe Effect, and I decided I needed to start using them again. I couldn't decide which polish to actually use, but finally chose one of my favourite fall time nail polishes. 

Gosh's Midnight Blue is a deep navy metallic blue that has light bluie-green shimmers in it. Gosh has really good quality nail polishes, and Midnight Blue is no exception. I took the shade a step further by applying a thick coat of Essie's Luxe Effect in Set In Stones on top. I love the effect that it gives, it reminds me of the galaxy trend, but more night sky than galaxy. 

I'm also really not wanting to take this polish off. Not only is it pretty, I just hate taking off glitter nail polish. 

 What's on your nails right now? 


My Go-To Natural Lip Look: A Quick Tutorial

When I just want to rush leave the house, without putting much effort into my look, I throw on some tinted moisturizer, mascara, and this lip look. While were in the transition to the colder months, I like to have a more defined lip than I usually wear in summer time. The combination of Anabelle Lip Liner in Demure and Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 02 gives my lips a defined yet natural lip effect.
Demure Lip Liner Swatched / Demure Lip Liner Smudged / Lip Perfector Lip Gloss

 The Annabelle Lip Liner is available at Shoppers Drug Mart. You can also find the Clarins Lip Perfector at Selected Shoppers Drug Marts, Sephora and Clarins Counters.

What is your go to lip look? Have you tried either or both of these products? Let me know!


My Fall Lip Collection: Photos + Swatches!

Fall is just around the corner, so I thought I'd show you my fall lip collection, which will take me into winter. This is my collection of darker, plum and cozy shades. I don't have many, and that's because I've been trying to go outside my comfort zone with darker shades. While a lot of you won't think they are dark at all, for me it's dark enough. ;) I'm sure I've missed out on a few, and I'll be purchasing more throughout the colder months, so keep a look out for those posts!

If there are any shades that you want to know more about, comment below and I'll reply to you, or  do a review post on them. :) Hope you all are having a good week!

xx, Ashley


Chanel #513 Black Pearl: Review + Photos

This is Chanel Le Vernis in Black Pearl #513. Makeup from Chanel is one of my favourite, but sadly their nail polishes never seem to agree with me. As you will notice from the pictures below, I get bubbles with this particular polish. With my other Chanel nail polishes I get the odd bubble, but Black Pearl has too many bubbles for me. Unfortunately, bubbles aren't the only problem with Chanel nail polishes, they never tend to last more than two days, which is so disappointing. To be honest, I will probably still by Chanel nail polishes. The shades are beautiful, the bottle is breathtaking and as materialistic as it is, I love that 'Chanel' is branded on the front. Even at $30 its a guilty pleasure, and I'm a bit ashamed that colours and name brands will provoke me. 

The color of Black Pearl is a deep blue-grey which makes such a stunning colour. This is a metallic shade and has green and silver reflects in it. In some light it will turn more green, and others it will be more blue. When applied, the metallic colour can look streaky, while it doesn't apply streaky the brush strokes show when it's dried.

Consistancy and formulation is what ruins this nail polish. It bubbles, is on the gloopy side, and chips like a $2 nail polish. This particular shade is the only one I've experienced so far that has an exceeded amount of bubbles than normal.

Packaging is beautiful, but has some faults. To start off, the bottle has a beautiful square bottle with slightly rounded edges. The outer cap is the same shape as the bottle, and has the Chanel logo located on the top. Underneath the cap is where the main problem is, while I love that the brush holder is grooved, so you have some grip when applying, the brush ruins the application process. A long skinny brush makes applying nail polish a hard task, it's unsteady and makes for easy mistakes.

Overall, while I love to buy them, at $30 it's not worth the money. I would even advise myself to not buy them, but that's not going to happen. I always hope that I just coincidentally bought the bad ones.

Product: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in #513 Black Pearl
Where To Buy: Chanel counters such as at The Bay or Holt Renfrew. 
Price:  $30.00


Hard To Get Wish List

I was watching essiebutton's new video, and she was talking about how once she's in Canada, she's going to get Tarte blushes since they are hard to get. I actually never new you couldn't get Tarte products in the UK. Anyways, I thought it would be fun to post about all the products that are hard to get for me, in Canada but have been dying to try. Sometimes you just see a product, want it, and just can't stop thinking about having it in your hands.

These are that products I've been wanting that are, hard to get:

1. Barry M Nail Polishes. No shade in particular, I've just heard amazing things about them, and the bottle is so cute!
2. Models Own Nail Polish. Such pretty, bright fun colours. Indian Ocean particular I've been lusting after.
3. Illamasqua. I've been wanting the Skin Base Foundation in 00 and the cream pigment in Hollow. I want the cream pigment for countering. The skin base is because I've been wanting a white foundation to mix in with those foundations that are a tad dark. Plus the Pixiwoo sisters have been raving about them for some time. How can a girl resist?
4. Real Techniques Brushes. While I do own some of these, it requires me to go across the boarder. The ones I do have are amazing, but I want them all, and double of pretty much all of them.
5. Sleek Makeup Palette. I don't really care what palette, particularly a neutral one, not that I don't have enough of those! Good quality, and a good price? Yes, please.
6. NYX Taupe Blush. I've heard this is an amazing contour shade. For some reason wherever I find NYX in Canada, they never carry this.
7. Tangle Teezer. I've got some unruly hair, so hopefully this will help it without damaging.
8. Jemma Kidd Cream Illuminator. Any of the shades will do. I just love anything that gives me a glow.
9. Top Shop Cream Blushes. Too many nice things I've heard about these, and I've been on a blush kick lately.
10. Essie Mint Candy Apple. I can not find this anywhere in Canada, it makes me so sad.

What have you been wanting, but hard to get? I'd love to know!! xx 

My Most Worn Mascara: Top and Bottom Lashes

I haven't worn anything except for these two mascaras for over a month. I have been wearing very natural eye makeup, so I want my lashes to reflect that, not that I like the thick clumpy lash look anyways. Lancome Definicls and Clinique Bottom Lash mascara have treated me very well. Definicls, I've been wearing everyday, where with Bottom Lash I've only been pulling it out when I want bottom lash definition which has only been a few days. Personally I tend to not like the look of mascara on the bottom lashes, so when I do wear it I like to know that it's not going to transfer, and that's why I use a mascara specifically for my lower lashes rather than using the mascara I use on my top lashes. 

Lancome Definicls ($31.00) is a natural effect mascara that has fibres in the formula to lengthen the natural lashes. The wand allows for my lashes to be separated and defined because of the thinner brush. As this mascara in my opinion also curls my lashes, I have been skipping my Shu most days. There is also another version of the Definicls line, and that would be Definicls Precious Cells. Precious Cells is supposed to infuse the formula with proteins to help nourish and protect the lashes, which is fantastic, except for that mascara flakes, so while it sounds nice, I'd personally stay away from it. 

Clinique Bottom Lash ($12.00) is not a product most people would think they need to have. For myself, I have an oily eye area, by bottom lashes touch my face and if I add mascara to the equation, it will become a mess. At first I was sceptical about buying it, thinking it was just a small applicator, that was special about it. The applicator is really nice, it lets you add a subtle amount to the lashes or make the spider-esque, but what really sold me was the formulation. When applied, it stays on ALL day, no smudging nor flaking, and to me, that's worth the money. 

Both of these mascaras are available at Sephora.

What mascara have you been liking lately? Have you tried either of these? Do you use a separate mascara for your bottom lashes?

Let me know!!


OPI Black Cherry Chutney: Review and Swatches

This is Black Cherry Chutney from OPI and it's one of the most beautiful and disappointing nail polish that I own. When I purchased this nail polish, I was expecting a dark metallic purple with red and purple reflects in it, unfortunately that was not the case. Two coats of Black Cherry Chutney will leave you with completely opaque nails, but no shimmer to the naked eye. You can see the tiniest amount of shimmer if it's a sunny day, you squint your eyes and look really closely at your nails. 

The colour aside from not having any shimmer in it, is really pretty. It's an extremely dark purple, think Linkin Park After Dark, but darker that looks so classic on the nails.. It's actually my favourite fall colour to wear. There is something about dark nails that just screams fall time.

Consistency has never been a problem with this shade. It applies smoothly, allows me to make clean edges, and isn't runny in the slightest. I do find that you need a bit extra nail polish to have a smooth base as it doesn't seem to spread thinly. Personally, I don't have a problem with that, I just have to remember to pick up some extra product. 

The packaging of OPI products aren't my favourite. There nice and simple, a classic shape that's very recognizable, but in comparison to Deborah Lippmann polishes, Butter London or Zoya there isn't anything special about it. Luckily when it's not an extravagant bottle, it saves on costs.

Product: OPI Black Cherry Chutney
Price: Roughly $10.99 depending where you purchase.
Availability: Salons andselected retailers. I've seen OPI products in London Drugs, which was surprising.


A Quick Look At Gerbera

May I introduce to you, Stila Convertible Colors ($33). These dual-use lip and cheek products are fantastic in general. After swatching, trying on and using pretty much all the colours (I used to work with the brand) Gerbera is my favourite shade. 

Being easily blendable you're able to have different options depending on what you are wanting to achieve. I tend not to wear this particular shade overly intense, but a red shade like Poppy would be beautiful as lip look. When wearing a sheerer amount of product, this works perfectly because it does blend out onto the skin very nicely. Its easy to apply too much product to the skin at first because you wouldn't expect to need so little. It takes a couple tries to learn how much you need depending on the cheek look you're wanting. I tend to lightly dab my finger into the product and then use tapping motions rather than swiping motions on the cheek. If you dislike using your fingers, a stippling brush would give the same result. So, if you're a fan of cream blushes and looking for a new one, I'd recommend checking these out!

Have you tried any of these Convertible Colors?


A Quick Mid-Week FOTD

Hi Everyone! I hope your week has been going well. I thought I would post a quick FOTD today. I've been loving quite a few of these products lately, so I thought I'd share! I wasn't doing much today, and neither was my boyfriend, so we thought that we'd head down to the pier right by our apartment. While we were there, I got him to take some photos for me. Sweetly he agreed, but unfortunately, when I got home, the pictures didn't turn out so well. Whoops. Either the flattering photos weren't in focus, or they weren't in focus! Haha. Hopefully next time they'll turn out better! Being a bit of bigger girl, with a round face, I can easily get the double chin effect. Clearly I have to work on my flattering face angles eh? Anyways here's what I was wearing!

I started out by applying my Yves Saint Laurent Le Touche Eclat Foundation (post here) with my beauty blender. I haven't used anything but this for the past few weeks. Moving onto the focal point, my eyes, I used Mac Satin Taupe with a thick angled liner brush and created a soft cat eye. When I was happy with the desired look I used my Lancome Le Kohl Pencil in Brun and smudged it into my tight line, in between my lashes, and a small line above the lashes and on the bottom lash line. I used the same thick angled brush as before, and smudged the eyeliner out. For a inner corner highlight, I used Macs Nylon. I also added a coat of Lancome Definicils Mascara. On my lips is the new Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy in Tangy Mandarine. 

What are you wearing today? 


No7 Natural Blush in #10 Soft Damson: Review

I have been on a blush kick for the past 6 months, whether it's here to stay or not it's allowed me to rediscover this blush I've had in my collection for awhile. I normally stay away from darker blushes, well... because, I'm terrified of them. I feel like I'll look like one of those old ladies who pack on really dark blush and make them look very mortifying. When I did pull this out of my collection to experiment, I was pleasantly surprised. I felt like I was hoarding this just to have it, but I didn't expect to like this as much as I do. I've been wearing this A LOT the past few weeks. 

The formulation of this blush is what makes this so wearable. Being a completely matte blush, it leaves a natural finish to the skin. The product itself is not a soft blush, meaning that when I sweep my brush onto this, it doesn't pickup a truck load of product. The amount is actually quite perfect, one or two layers is all I need for a nice flush of colour. Because it doesn't pick up a lot of product, that could be a problem if you have quite dark skin, since it would take awhile for the shade to show up. 

#10 Soft Damson is a mid-tone plum shade that leans to more in the red family then purple when applied on the skin. The colour would be absolutely breathtaking on a medium skin tone. While it can work on fair skin tones like myself, you have to be careful not to apply too much. The shade also is hard to work with on fair skin tones because the shade does not have 'natural' tone to it of fair skin. 

Since fall is coming quite fast, I love wearing this with a darker lip, hair in a messy high bun and soon enough, in a cozy warm sweater! 

Where? I know Boots carries this line, but to be quite honest, I'm not quite sure where or if you can get this in Canada still, since I purchased this at a Shoppers Drug Mart about a year ago. I purchased this at a very nice discount but unfortunately it was because they were getting rid of their No7 makeup line, to make room for a new line. Since No7 is an European makeup line, if you're lucky enough to live there, this should be easily available to you if you're interested.
Cost? $8.99 originally, but I got this at a line closeout sale for $1.99.

Also on my face:

Yves Saint Laurent Le Touche Eclat Foundation (post here)
Benefit Silky-Finish Lipstick in Good-To-Go
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Ebony
Guerlain Ã‰crin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadows in Les Perles (post here)


Zoya Suvi: Review + Swatches!

I've had this Zoya nail polish for awhile, but bought it late winter, so I didn't get a chance to wear it so much. Now that fall is coming I thought I'd bring it out again and get some use of it. Zoya's Suvi is a metallic finish with light reflects in it. I love to still wear colour for fall/winter, so this nail polish is perfect!

The bottle is simple, nothing spectacular but I do love that it has a shorter lid. The short, simple rounded lines have a nice elegance to the bottle that I don't mind displaying! The polish is applied with a not too small or too large of a brush, I'm actually quite fond of it myself. 

The formulation is on the runny side, but it doesn't take more than two coats it become opaque. Doing a light layer first is best for this polish, since the nail that I did do a 'heavier' coat, was the only nail that got bubbles. If you don't shake the polish first you will get wave-like lines on your nail, which for me isn't a problem, but its just a fact to keep in mind. This is also fantastic for keeping chips away, these photos are actually taken when the polish has been on my nails for two and a half days! There has only been the slightest wear on my finger tips!

Overall, this is a wonderful nail polish, it's a opaque shade that's easy to work with. I will defiantly be trying some more when I find a salon that caries them! 

Where? I purchased this a local salon, so I would call around to see if they carry this brand. You can also order online here.
Price? I got mine for $10. On the Zoya website you can get them for $8 though!

Have you tried any Zoya nail polishes? Let me know so I can check them out!