Nail Trends: Pastels, Brights and Metalics

 I always love fashion trends, and as you may have guessed, I'm not very fashionable, hence why there are never outfit of the day posts. I like comfy-casual and usually dress up my outfits with a scarf, or watch. Oh, and I kinda live in my Lululemon's, is that a Canadian girl thing? Well, actually where I live, Lululemons, a TNA sweater and UGG boots are a style. It's very, very sad. ANYWAYS, I'll stop talking about my lack of style, and Northern Canada's.

Pastels, bright, and metallic colours have been everywhere, and of course they are a trend, they will come and go, and last a couple seasons if they're lucky. I don't really like wearing this seasons trends in my clothing, but in my nails and makeup!

An on trend nail, lip, blush or eyeliner defiantly brightens my day, and with the pastels, brights and metallic, their right up my alley!
Left to Right:
Gosh 589 Sweet Rose, China Glaze Electric Beat (discontinued),
China Glaze For Audrey, Essie Tart Deco

Left to Right:
Gosh 590 Yellow Doll, Essie Lights, Essie Camera, China Glaze Shower
Together (Both Essie nail polishes are limited edition and still in stores)

Left to Right:
Zoya Suvi, Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game,
OPI Designer... De Better (discontinued), Essie Trophy Wife

Watch out for future posts on trendy makeup! 

Do you like taking fashion trends and using them in your beauty routine?
Whats your favourite trend this season?


Go Faux

Secret Weapons
If you haven't visited my blog before, you might not know that I'm extremely pale. I absolutely love the look of my pale skin, but sometimes I'd like to be a bit more bronze. These are some of the tips that I use and want to share, and you don't have to be pale to use them either!

Before talking about how I make my self look like I've seen some sun I want share some facts. I'd like to address those who get more than enough sun, or if the people in the tanning salon know you by name - because that's not a good sign if the do. 

I'm not going to stop you from tanning but maybe these facts might scare you out of it,

Wrinkles, you're going to look at least 5 years older than people who stay protected from the sun.

Spots and Discoloration, don't think you're not damaging those skin cells, you're most likely going to get those age spots that most people in their 80's get, before you know it. 

Skin Cancer, your risk of getting melanoma increases to 75 per cent.

Please ladies and gents, if you must, use an SPF of at least 30, anything below that isn't very effective.

... alright, on to the good part!

Self Tanners

Left to Right - Shiseido Brilliant Bronze,
 No7 Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator

When doing any type of self tanning exfoliation is key. Exfoliation will determine how long the tan will last, and how even it will look. 

The exfoliaters are very tiny and cream is such a lovely milky texture and makes for a great combination. 

I'm someone who never self tans their face nor really their body, so I don't have the greatest recommendation for a self tanner, but without a doubt I can recommend the exfoliaters for when tanning, or weekly exfoliation.
Like I said above, I rarely tan myself. By rarely, I mean like once a year. The Shiseido Brilliant Bronze did work nicely for my pale skin, but I haven't used it enough to give my full opinion. 

Here are a couple links of other reviews if your interested. Positive review - here Negative review here

Spray Bronzers

Ahh, The Bourjois Delice de Soleil, this is the easiest, naturalist, and most fool proof product. I use this as a setting spray after my makeup. It can be sprayed without worry as well, because your hair doesn't pick up product, and neither do your clothes, so theirs no need to be naked when applied. 

This product is very versatile, and looks natural whether you spray for two seconds, or 30 seconds. I'm probably the best subject to try this product because if it were to make someone orange, I'd be the first person. 
I covered my hand then sprayed the bronzer so you could see the difference. 
Delice de Soleil is applied to the left side of my arm.
 If you're looking for something easy with great results (and who isn't) I'd get the Bourjois Delice de Soleil.

Gel Bronzer/Base
I have a love hate relationship with Stila's One Step Bronze, and it's not at all because its a bad product, it's because I have to be very careful with it or else I'll be a pale bodied Snooki. When I do wear this, I add about half a pump into my foundation, and it darkens me just enough where I get some colour. 

For any normal coloured skin this would work wonders, but be aware that there is quite a but of shimmer in the product, so you will look quite glowy. 

Also, this product is AMAZING on the legs, you will go through quite a bit if you use it regularly, but its worth it. 
top: slightly blended in. bottom: unblended.
Left: Blended into wrist. Right: Bare wrist.

Powdered Bronzers

Benefit Hoola Bronzer 

Normally when I use a bronzer I reach for a matte bronzer, and thats exactly what Benefit's Hoola is!

It's one of my favourite bronzers along with Nars Laguna. The shade of Hoola is perfect because it would be very rare if this made you look orange, I feel like it almost has a hint of green to counteract any orange tones.

Creme Bronzers

This is my first creme bronzer, and I honestly am not a fan. I don't want to deter anyone from trying creme bronzers, because I defiantly have my eyes on the Soleil Tan De Chanel, but I wouldn't recommend the Laura Mercier Creme Palette. It made my skin look like mud, and the blushes didn't do anything for me either unfortunately.

xx, Ashley


5 Steps to False Eyelashes

Hi everyone! I know that there are quite a few people who don't know how to apply eyelashes and I feel like everyone should wear eyelashes once in their life! They give me such a confidence.
Quo Eyelashes in 806 and Duo Lash Glue in clear
 What You Will Need:

- Eyelashes 
- Eyelash Glue (my favorite is Duo)
- Tweezers *optional*
- Eyeliner
Step 1: Flexibility is Key

After removing the eyelashes you're going to want to make them more flexible, trust me, it makes it much easier to apply.
Step 2: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Lay the eyelashes on top of your real lashes and measure to make sure they aren't to long.

Tip: You want to start your lashes about two millimetres away from where your natural lashes start in the inner corner.
Step 2.5 *optional*: Cut Away

Cut excess lashes if you find they are too long.
Step 3: Holding It All Together

Apply lash glue along the base of the false lashes. Wait for 30 seconds before applying the lashes to your eye so the glue will get tacky and adhere better. I also like to apply a little extra glue to the inner and outer corner of the false eyelashes. 
Step 4: Apply

Tip: When applying if your rest your pinkie finger on the glass in front of you (I'm assuming your doing this in your bathroom mirror) and bring your eye towards the lashes, it will become smoother to put the lashes on steadily. 

Bringing your head towards your lashes, apply the outer corner of the lashes first, to the outer corner of your eye. Your eyelashes normally shouldn't go past your real outer corner lashes. Try to get the lash base  closest to the root of your real lashes.
squeezing my real and false eyelashes together
I also like to squeeze my real lashes, and my false lashes together with my fingers in the centre of my eye.
Step 5: Finishing Touches

if you have tweezers, grab the inner corner of the lashes and hold them into place for maximum security that they want fall off. Repeat on the outer corner as well.
I also like to take the other end of my tweezers and press gently on the base of my false lashes securing them even more. We defiantly don't want them to fall off mid-day/night.
To try and hide the fact that you're wearing false eyelashes you'll want to disguise them as much as possible. Using eyeliner will cover any glue that is still white, and hid the base of the eyelashes. I recommend either liquid or gel eyeliner, kohl can tend to get messy if not careful. 
I'm using Lancome Art Liner in Noir
Add some mascara to your real and false lashes to blend them in together.
A coat of Lancome Definicles or your favourite mascara
and... your DONE!
Do you have any other tips? Add them in the comments below!


Easy Lites + My Hair = - 2 Inches

Public Service Announcement : CAUTION!

I was not at all impressed with Marc Anthony Easy-Lites. As you may notice from the pictures below that a couple sections of my hair are much shorter and lighter than the rest of my hair. The sections that I did use Easy-Lites on are now quite brittle, don't stay straight and are 2 inches shorter.

When I was walking around my local Shoppers Drug Mart I had seen this and a light bulb when off in my head,

if this works, I can save so much money by not having to go to the hairdresser!

 I ran drove straight home and tried it immediately. I followed the directions, and as I was pulling the straightener through the ends it started to sizzle, and I could see my ends shrivel up. All I could think was 'Uh oh' but I tried putting it through a couple more times until it lightened to my desired colour (I repeated the process 3 times, which the instructions said were okay).

I then did the other side and followed the directions, except I added heat protector thinking it would work better, unfortunately, it did the exact same thing.

Here is the result of putting a comb through the ends where I used Easy Lites,
My ends just fell right out.

Below are the results of what happened to my hair.
If anyone has been thinking about trying this I would urge them not to, it's worth the money to have a professional do it.

xx Ashley

*if you have tried Easy-Lites please leave a comment of your experience*


NOTD: OPI Samoan Sand

Hi everyone! I apologize for the lack in blog posts lately. I've been so exhausted, and time just flew by and before I know it I completely missed a blog post. (I try and do one every second day)

I also apologize that this isn't a very informative post, but I still hope you enjoy!

(all pictures are in natural light)

I've been a huge fan of OPI for such a long time, but I tend not to purchase many OPI nail polishes any more. I tend to buy mostly Essie.

I purchased Samoan Sand (I always thought it was Salmon Sand until I started taking pictures for this post - how embarrassing) 
5 coats of Samoan SandSamoan Sand is defiantly a nude shade, and looks very elegant on the fingernails. It is more of a beige nude instead of a pinkie nude which I normally prefer.I prefer pinkie nudes because as you may notice, my cuticle area is quite pink (as is my whole extremely fair body) and I find that the beige just accentuate the redness. Obviously that wouldn't be a problem for every one! :)

- Great shade for a nude nail if you're extremely fair to medium.
- Versatile if you want a sheer to opaque shade.
- Very good consistency (even if you have to put on 5 coats)


- It takes around 5 coats if you want an opaque nude.
- If you want an opaque nude it will take FOREVER for it to dry (I ruined my manicure instantly after taking pictures.)

Would I Purchase Again:

No, but don't get me wrong, its a really nice nail polish. Although when I where a nude nail polish, I want it to be opaque, and this took to many coats for me to be completely happy with it.

If you like a light to medium opaqueness for nude nail polishes, then defiantly go for it! I would highly recommend if you are debating whether or not to purchase it.

xx Ashley


If You Don't Use A Toner, Read This!

I'm going to do a little bit of (or what I hope to be) an informative post today. When I got my cosmetic training from a skincare company, I learned something very valuable that instantly changed my everyday skin care routine. What I learnt was what a toner really does. What you have most likely heard isn't untrue, it's just not the whole truth. Yes, a toner balances your PH level, yes, it cleans deeper than your cleanser, and yes it help give your skin a more even tone. But here's something you might not know;

It makes your hydrophilic film come back instantly!

What is a hydrophilic film you may ask?

Your hydrophilic film is your skins outermost layer. This film is your skins natural moisturizer, and natural barrier from environmental stresses (ex. pollution, smoke, ect.).

When you wash your skin, the hydrophilic film gets washed away and your skin becomes unprotected. Unfortunately it is unprotected for 2 hours, yep, 2 whole hours is how long it takes for your hydrophilic film to come back naturally.

Without your hydrophilic film your skin doesn't actually know what to do with moisturizer because it doesn't have that film. Half of your moisturizer is wasted because that film is not there.

This is where toner comes in, when you apply toner your hydrophilic film comes back instantly. Using toner means that you now don't waste your moisturizer and skin is now protected for those extra two hours it might not have been protected for.

After learning that I've never washed my face without putting toner on afterwords. Hopefully it either changed your mind about toners, or you feel better that you use one.

If your on the lookout for a new toner be aware that it's also not about just using any toner, it's about using one that's right for your skin type.

If you have normal skin you can pretty much use any toner,

Lancome - Tonique Douceur

I find this one is a great overall toner that does the job extremely well. In the winter months I use this because I'm not a total grease ball. I't by far my favourite when it comes toners.

Caudalie - Beauty Elixir

I've heard amazing thing's about this toner/serum and I personally haven't tried it, but i'll defiantly be trying this one when winter rolls around. I'm also loving that it is a spray

If you have oily/combination skin you will want one that controls oil and/or acne,

Clinique - Clarifying Lotion

When I was dealing with acne this saved me, it exfoliated dead skin and cleaned deeper than I could ever dream of. I tried the whole Clinique line for acne, and this was the only thing I stuck with. It is hard on the skin so if you have sensitive skin I'd pass.

Biotherm - Biosource Hydra-Mineral Lotion Toning Water,

This is my current love. It doesn't help with acne but I love it for controlling my oil, it has zinc in it which I love.

If you have dry skin you will want something that helps keep your skin moisturized,

Shiseido - Pureness Balancing Softener

This product is great if you have acne and dry skin which is hard to find a good toner for! I haven't personally used it since I don't have dry skin.

Hope this helps you beauties!

Ashley xx


A Lash Comb Or A Mascara Wand?

In a previous haul I had purchased a lash comb to see what effects I could get using it to apply mascara. I had seen a YouTube video here about the technique and was a bit spectacle at first, but I now realize there is another use for a lash comb. 

Bare Lashes (Curled)
 Revlon Photoready 3D Volume
 I used Revlon's Photoready 3D Volume mascara for the formulation, I wanted to use something cheap  and generic, so that it would be available for anyone to get the same results. 

To apply I ran the mascara wand back and forth on the lash comb bristles to get a good coating. I then started at the root, using the same technique you would with a regular mascara wand, brushing up the lashes and finishing at the tip.

1 Coat

2 Coats
3 Coats
Left, Bare lashes. Right, Lash Comb Technique
Top Lashes Only

Left, using Revlon Photoready 3D Volume's Mascara Wand. Right, Using A Lashcomb As A Mascara Wand
Top and Bottom Lashes

 I wouldn't say that this is a life changing technique, nor would I suggest that you go out and purchase a lash comb just for this technique, unless you want your lashes to look extremely natural and have a lot of time in the morning. I personally won't be using my lash comb much for applying mascara because I prefer not to have to spend 5 minutes putting mascara on.

It does give a beautiful, 'fluffy' effect to the eyelashes that lengthens and darkens, but I feel that they look a bit too natural for my liking. However I would pull out my lash comb for when I decide that I want to put mascara on my bottom lashes, since it doesn't take nearly enough time!

I would suggest this technique for you if you;

- like very natural lashes.
- have trouble with mascara clumping
- want your bottom lashes separated and not too harsh looking.
- prefer seperation of the lashes then anything else.

Hope this helps you beauties, If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Ashley xx