Ciate Mini Mani Month: Review, Swatches + Photos!

 I decided to treat myself to the Ciate Mini Mani Month Calendar! I was really excited to try this, as I've never tried a Ciate nail polish before, although I've seen so many good reviews from other bloggers. I love how Ciate made a advent calendar that is more than just sweets. I'm never good at waiting each day, so I opened all of the doors, so I could try them out, but also show you all what you are getting if you decide to purchase this! If you want the surprise of different colours, then this post probably isn't for you, but if you want to know what you're getting, before spending almost $70 for this, then keep reading!

I do warn you that this post will be quite picture heavy! xx

You can purchase the Ciate Mini Mani Month at Sephora for $64!
 The packaging that you get for the Mini Mani Month is similar to the quality you would get with a classic advent calendar that houses chocolates inside. The material is thin and wobbly, but I doubt this will fall apart on you! Behind each door, you will find a pretty, mini Ciate nail polish, on the back of the door you will find a different fact or quote related to nail polish. 
You will find 20 nail polishes in a variety of colours, and finishes, as well as 4 bottles of caviar pearls. With the box, you also get a funnel to put excess pearls back into the bottle. Among the nail polishes you will find:

- 10 cream finishes
- 2 sheer cream finishes
- 4 glitter or shimmer polishes
- 4 sheer glitter polishes
- 3 shades are exclusive to this set

A lot of these nail polishes were fantastic quality. Some didn't do it for me, as they became streaky and didn't want to cooperate. The brush on each nail polish was easy to use, it was on the larger, thicker side of nail polish brushes. I found with a few of the shade, a few of the brushes bristles came tangled up with each other, which didn't make the nail polishes apply very nicely. 

There is a really good mix of nail polish shades. Brights, neutrals, darks, and glitter; you've got everything. I would have liked to see more christmasy shades, since the set is promoted to be for the month of December. 

The 3 exclusive shades for this set were a let down for me. Magic Carpet, Enchanted Rose and Glass Slipper all look really nice in the bottle, but I wasn't wanting a clear base with glitter in them. I was hoping they would be opaque nail polishes, except they are hard to use, goopy glitter polishes that I probably won't get much use out of.The other let down in the set was the two sheer shades, Cookies and Cream, and Cutie Pie, they were both streaky.

Other than the few let downs, this is a great set! I've come to appreciate mini nail polishes, because I'm more likely to use them up instead of them wasting away in a drawer.

Each nail polish swatch is shown with two coats.  
What do you think of the Ciate Mini Mani Month? Will you be purchasing it? What is your favourite colour?

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