I've never done an empties post on my blog yet, and I love reading them on other blogs so I thought I'd do one and show you the products I've used up. 

You won't see too many empties posts from me, because I really never use up products, I'm the biggest hoarder of cosmetics you'll know. When I was going through products I found some products that I probably emptied 6 months ago, and have been holding on for them for awhile. Next I'll have ten cats, I can see my life going like that! 
Caudalie Beauty Elixar
I'm a simple person when it comes to skin care, the faster the better, so a toner that I just spray on my face is such a good invention. While some people complain about the scent, I quite like it. I've already purchased the full size!

Biotherm Biosource Micelle Water
I was once in a mood to switch out my beloved Bioderma, and while this was a good Micelle water, It wasn't great. They are similar in price, but I won't be repurchase this. 

Lise Watier 3 in 1 One Step Cleansing Cloths
I absolutely loved this product. I would repurchase forever, except for the fact that they JUST discontinued this product. I'm so, so sad. 
Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect
This is a really nice foundation, it does have vitamin c in the formula so it awakens the skin when you apply it. Perfect for those early mornings. I did like this, but there are better. Maybe I'll repurchase in a few years. 

Stila Perfect & Correct
I've been raving about this foundation ever since I purchased this. I do REALLY love this product, but there is one problem, It's too dark for me. I can make it work when I really buff it into my skin, but I'm big into trying new foundations right now. If you buy this, buy an dense foundation brush too buff in the product. I'll repurchase at some point!

Make Up Forever HD
This is a really nice foundation, and it would be on the top of my list, if it didn't enhance my dry flaky skin. I like more moisturizing foundations. I don't think I will repurchase this.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
This was one of my favourite products at the beginning of summer, I wore it almost every day for something fast. I found this more as a tinted moisturizer than a BB cream, but I still love it. I don't use this so much in the winter, I prefer fuller coverage foundations, but I have already repurchased this for when I need something fast. 

Maybelline Age Rewind Under Eye Concealer
I just finished this a couple days ago, and it's been sucky without it. I really recommend everyone to try this. Just remember its for under the eyes, not blemishes. I honestly thing this is better than any concealer I have ever tried, high end, and low end. Will repurchase this ASAP!
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
This is a really good mascara for me. It separates, lengthens and volumizes. While I do love this, I rarely repurchase a mascara unless I can't be without it. I won't be repurchasing this. 

Loreal Voluminous
I purchased the curved brush formula, and I think that was a huge mistake. I utterly hated this product, and pained me to use it. All I got was clumps, and clumps of mascara on my eyelashes. I'll never buy this again.

Dior Diorshow
A LOT of people love this. Its not my type of mascara; big, thick lashes. I won't buy this again. 

Smashbox Photo Ready Eye Primer x 1.5
I really liked this primer, it can be used anywhere on the face, but the tint in it is WAY to dark. So if you're darker that a NW 25, this would be good for you. I like my primers to match my skin tone, so I won't buy this again. 

Hope you all liked reading about my empties!

Do you like these types of posts?
What have you recently emptied?

Let me know!

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