Not So Buttery: Butter London's Bossy Boots

I don't like doing negative reviews, and I don't normally mention something that I don't like, but I wasn't impressed with my first impression of the Butter London nail polishes. Although I didn't like this particular shades consistency, this won't be my last Butter London polish. With all the positive reviews I hear about these, I'm sure I just picked a dud of a shade, and really with all the other pretty shades, how can a girl resist?

Furthermore, there are a couple of nice things I'd like to say about this polish before I move onto the negatives. I absolutely love the colour, which probably makes me even more disappointed that this didn't work out for me. The packaging of this line is wonderful, I love the rectangular shape of the bottle that makes it feel like your spending the $18 for a reason.

The main problem with this polish is the consistency. It didn't apply nicely at all, you needed to apply a very generous amount onto the nail at first to create a nice looking finish, but with the large amount of polish, it made it hard to control on the tiny tiny brush. The drying time was also less then desired after you needed almost 5 coats to make the polish look decent.


  1. I think that Butter polishes can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to formula, and like you said - it depends on the shade. I have some that are amazing formula wise, and others that just refuse to work! Luckily the pros outweigh the cons with this brand!
    Sharleena xx

  2. oh it is a pretty shade!
    too bad it didnt work out :(
    on to the next one!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. I haven't tried any butter londons but I mostly see a lot of the glittered butters swatched on blogs-- this is disappointing to hear! 18$ for polish isn't chump change, maybe I will stick with deborah lippmanns for that price!

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  4. I have actually heard a lot of complaints about the application of some Butter London polishes....although the colours are really pretty and different, I can't imagine spending nearly $20 on a streaky nail polish!

    xo Courtney

  5. Too bad, the colour is really pretty. I have 2 of their polishes and dont like the consistency of either:( Happy I found your blog on blog hop..now following:)

    Sara xx

  6. Aw that's really too bad. Sucks when you love a colour and the texture ruins it. Hopefully next one is better! :) x

  7. I would be pretty upset if I purchased a BL that didn't live up to its luxurious price tag. I have 5 BLs and they've been great, so I guess "Bossy Boots" was just a miss...so sad. I'm actually pouting a little as I write this! Oh, I also remember thinking to myself how small the brush was!