Easy Lites + My Hair = - 2 Inches

Public Service Announcement : CAUTION!

I was not at all impressed with Marc Anthony Easy-Lites. As you may notice from the pictures below that a couple sections of my hair are much shorter and lighter than the rest of my hair. The sections that I did use Easy-Lites on are now quite brittle, don't stay straight and are 2 inches shorter.

When I was walking around my local Shoppers Drug Mart I had seen this and a light bulb when off in my head,

if this works, I can save so much money by not having to go to the hairdresser!

 I ran drove straight home and tried it immediately. I followed the directions, and as I was pulling the straightener through the ends it started to sizzle, and I could see my ends shrivel up. All I could think was 'Uh oh' but I tried putting it through a couple more times until it lightened to my desired colour (I repeated the process 3 times, which the instructions said were okay).

I then did the other side and followed the directions, except I added heat protector thinking it would work better, unfortunately, it did the exact same thing.

Here is the result of putting a comb through the ends where I used Easy Lites,
My ends just fell right out.

Below are the results of what happened to my hair.
If anyone has been thinking about trying this I would urge them not to, it's worth the money to have a professional do it.

xx Ashley

*if you have tried Easy-Lites please leave a comment of your experience*


  1. Don't worry girly, just do some deep conditioning. All will be okay :) Write a letter to the company telling them what happened!

    Belle De Jour

  2. sad. it sucks to buy money to dye your hair.

  3. Sucksss =[
    My hair did exactly the same when I home peroxide-ed it, bad idea btw.

    I agree with Katie (1), deep conditioning is the only way to go!

  4. Hi! Found you through LoveBlogTherapy.
    That's terrible, I've been thinking of using things like that, or going out and getting all the chemicals to do the obmre myself, but horror stories like this keep me away from all that! Did you file a complaint with the company, because that is NOT cool!

  5. Thanks for the totally honest blogpost, I'll certainly be avoiding this brand now.

    Found you through the bloghop and am now following (:

    girlreviewsthings.blogspot.com xx